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Balmain top 10 handbag

Pierre Balmain created Balmain in 1945, right after years of war and utilitarian looks. His purpose? Going back to an opulent style, bold femininity and of course, bringing is signature unforgettable silhouettes at the top of the fashion game. And Monsieur Balmain did very soon very well, elevating his maison as one of the United-States celebrities and European royalty’s favourite fashion names.Β 

Pierre Balmain had a taste for heavy and refined looks – audacity was key to his designs – and learnt his job along with Dior and Givenchy‘s staff… what a mix and what a result, to have been working with such great fashion designers !Β 

You are probably familiar with the nowadays Balmain silhouette – the current artistic director, Olivier Rousteing, is very hardly dissociable from today’s Balmain DNA. He puts on the runway looks that make women look fierce, like Amazons ready to slay in high-fashion or haute-couture dresses, tuxedos, skirts and pants made for the real life… with a plus.Β 

The handbags at Balmain are all quite recent and I am going to focus on the most recent ones since they are the easier to get – I know you are gonna be craving a Balmain bag after this selection – and transpire the most the bold, invincible femininity that Olivier Rousteing took back and pushed further since he was nominated at Balmain in 2011, at just twenty-five years old!Β 

Balmain Bbuzz Bag πŸ‘œ: the Balmain it-bag

Fine design, distinct lines, a quilting that resembles a sculpture and that giant B signature on the flap, like a statement on its own. The Bbuzz is a very recent handbag created by Olivier Rousteing as a tribute to everything he loves and injects into his designs

Fringes, quilting, amazing leathers, unapologetic ornaments – and that new β€œB” logo that has been launched very recently as well, as a signature and a statement in bold letters : you are indeed in front of a resolutely Balmain-spirited handbag. 

The fine leather and crafting of the Bbuzz is a demonstration of Balmain’s teams very talented hands and speaks for itself when you look at all the details on the handbag. With its handle or – of course – ornamented shoulder strap, you can go on and carry both the Balmain fearlessness and raw style and femininity at your arm, as well as all your essentials for the day… and for the night!

The Bbuzz is a statement piece and an unmissable accessory: it will fit a lot of outfits with its regular rectangular shape and sassy attitude. Go for the Bbuzz if you like glamour, fierceness, exuberant femininity and, of course, Balmain’s spirit. 

Presentation Balmain Bbuzz HandBag

Balmain Twist bag πŸ‘œ: softness made fearless

The Balmain Twist bag originated from a collaboration in between Olivier Rousteing and super model and super woman Cara Delevigne. This collaboration encapsulates three different bags and the Twist is one to remember… and, yes, get for yourself as soon as possible! 

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Completely round, it remembers the shape of the Balmain Disco bag I am about to introduce you in a few entries below – but it has been completely remodelled and stars as one of the most elegant and bold of the Balmain handbags crew! 

Nothing is discreet and everything is refined, creating a paradox upon which the very soul of the Twist is built up. This is how you can sum up the Twist spirit: quilted leather like the comfiest and most tasteful of crafting metallic attached for the handle and strap like a sculpture or jewellery, a large zip that acts as much as a closure than a part of the design.

The Twist is for women with style and assurance and it will take you from your early business meetings to the trendiest night club in town. There are no situations in which this round and unique handbag will not make you feel confident and at the acme of your style – go for it if you dare! 

Balmain Bbag πŸ‘œ: Instagram and celebrities’ favourite

Its square shape, common yet outstandingly designed and crafted, and the Balmain’s B signature on the flap like an essential statement is everything that makes the Bbag spirit and charm and, above all, why so many women have fallen in love with this model. 

The Bbag has been seen a lot on social media and in the streets of the most fashionable cities – and it is easy to guess what made its success. The Bbag, you see, has something unique and yet so classic and French. It has all the boldness and unapologetic style we expect from Balmain by Rousteing and yet is perfectly discreet enough to be a day-to-day companion in any situation

The Balmain Bbag has something incredibly clever: versatility made everything but boring and elegance come true in matte or quilted leather. There is no faux-pas possible with the Bbag – it was conceived and design to suit you, rather to suit all of us women with daring elegance and tasteful irreverence.

You should have your hand on it already to join in on the gang of stylish Balmain addicts who fell already for the elegance and irreverence of this model that soon will be even more all over the internet and streets of your city! 

Balmain Disco bag πŸ‘œ: round is the new square

With its unusual shape and signature B or Renaissance dΓ©cor like a coat of arms on the front of the bag, the Disco is something from another world, and as you know, fascination comes for things that are others… and I am fascinated as you sure will be by the Disco bag! 

Boogie wonderland and a spirit of the 80s/90s were breathed in this illuminated creation: the Disco bag carries well its name with its original shape and bright metallic details. Launched by Rousteing as a wink to his obsessions for the dance-floor and the nineties, the Disco bag is a piece of refined craftsmanship as well as an it accessory for any retro lover. 

Made to get along with your fantasy and uniqueness, the Disco bag will seduce you with its round shape like a vinyl – there is nothing more to say than that the Disco bag was invented for stylish and affirmed personalities. If there is a ball, rush and own the dance-floor thanks to the Disco bag

Balmain Round Crossbody Bag Review 

Balmain Bbox Bag πŸ‘œ: the clutch you are never going to leave

All Balmain amazons raise your hand… ready, set, go, you are going to fall in love with the Bbox by Olivier Rousteing. The Bbox is a clutch that you are never going to leave: precious, graphic, eye-catching… the Bbox is a total heartbreaker launched in 2018 and already all over the web and in any good fashionista’s closet (and heart)

Utterly classic yet unseen and far from boring, the Bbox is a made to measure handbag for all of you daring urban conqueror, luxury addicts and faithful Balmain fanatics. Made in a variety of shades and prints, in plexiglas or fine leather, the Bbox has a clasp closure jewel that gives the handbag its DNA and badass attitude. Its gold chain strap is the cherry on the cake and finished the Bbox look like no other details would, infusing a sense of sophistication.

The Bbox is a bag tailor-made for the Balmain Amazon: it will take you anywhere with style and opulence yet it remains discreet and elegant enough for it to be worn at work or a parent-teacher meeting. But you sure will be sending a message: don’t mess with me, I know what I’m doing and where I’m going! 

Balmain Cerniere clutch: the badass of the band πŸ‘œ

Just look at this handbag’s handle and it will tell you all you need to know about its attitude and that of the women carrying it. The Cerniere has a knuckle-duster shaped grip for you never to be defenceless as far as style and attitude are concerned.

The crew behind Olivier Rousteing, made of the trendiest, boldest and sexiest models there are today is called the Balmain Army – and apart from their amazing luxury bad gal frowns, they have the most desirable and unexpected outfits of all : and the Cerniere clutch is their final touch when going out to slay

The Cerniere comes in two models : a red suede leather or striped fabric with a β€œBalmain” print on it. Equally charming, you should go for the red suede for a more easy style, and for the printed version if you wanna join in on the Balmain Army crew with a statement. 

The very intelligence behind the Cerniere is how, in spite of the knuckle-duster shaped handle and its overall badass style, it can be an accessory for the day-to-day life and activities.

You sure won’t put your iPad in it, but it will be just enough to go on and have a coffee with your best friend of go set fire to a dance-floor at night. The Cerniere is actually all you need , no more no less.

Balmain Cerniere clutch Unboxing

Balmain Romeo X Cara Bag πŸ‘œ: the utmost desirable collaboration

Oh you sure will catch the eye of every person you pass in the streets of at work while you hold the Balmain Romeo handbag in its Cara Delevigne customised version. There are really no escape – but, hey, isn’t Balmain about daring and going for it all the way, with audacity and style like you own the world? 

The Romeo is part of the collection issued along with Cara Delevigne – the British model and actor is known for her unapologetic rock-n-roll and careless elegance, and sure set all these style assets and a good dose of her personality into that Romeo treasure

Romeo has for only Juliette your boldness – it is pure cool and charming trash, so tacky and yet refined that it is a masterpiece. The Romeo is rather a piece of jewellery than a handbag per se, really: its trapezoidal shape is neat, in quilted leather and zipped.

Semi-bucket bag in its shape, the structure of the bag soon turns into a pendant rather than a bag: it is the bag which is attached to the bracelet-handle, and not the opposite. 

Conic gold nails ornament the body of the bag and respond to the bracelet handle, an asymmetric wonder that is the only reason why this bag is purely genius and beauty entangled. Let’s be honest, the Romeo is not for every style nor every woman… but you’ll know if it is your Romeo as soon as you see it. 

Balmain Polygon πŸ‘œ: one unique bucket bag!

With its classic bucket bag shape, it is almost surprising to find it amongst the Balmain eccentric handbags collection. And yet, Olivier Rousteing found once again the twist that was necessary to make his Polygon bucket bag memorable

Rather than a bucket, this Polygon wonder is rather an ovoid spaceship made by the most talented leather-making aliens there is in the universe and tamed into the most sophisticated and original bucket bag possible. 

No doubt this ninth wonder will fit any of your silhouettes and bring a touch of boldness and rarity into your look. Rousteing did what he does best: surprise us with an item were are never going to get bored of. And never, ever, will we get bored neither of the Polygon nor Olivier, for sure!

Balmain, unique handbags and DNA

Olivier Rousteing is a creative genius that is helping every woman make her closet look audacious, vibrant, feminine and resolutely modern.

Owning a Balmain handbag is a statement: they are, all of them, eye-catching and sharply designed handbags with an attitude of their own. If you want to go for Balmain, it is for the style, luxury confection and spirit.

The Balmain Army and its super Amazons are here to welcome you to their gang whenever you will yield and get yourself one of these unique creations, here to stay and here to slay! 

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